2011 – the year of the cloud part 2

I have spent the last few weeks travelling around the country and speaking at a number of 2020 group seminars on Cloud Computing and online accounting. It has certainly been an interesting experience.

What has been noticeable from the outset is the sea change in the response from the attendees. No longer the glazed expressions when the subject of the cloud is raised. Surprisingly little ” I am a Sage user” defenciveness. Instead there has been a genuine interest in the topic and an increasing number of delegates expressed a wish to find out more and see how the Cloud in general and online accounting in particular could help to improve the efficiency of their practices and enhance their service offerings.

Towards the end of last year I predicted that 2011 would be the year that the cloud finally takes off and, three months in I am still convinced that this will hold true.

Every aspect of our financial lives is now influenced by Cloud technology – Companies House and HMRC have greatly enhanced their online capabilities and as I have stated previously, require that online filing is the norm. Even the recent Census could be completed online or the first time.

Another frequent comment at these seminars was that clients were asking about online accounting and as a consequence accountants are realising that they have to get on board. After all in this social media age, the new generation of entrepreneur will expect all aspects of their lives, both social and business to be online and will judge adversely if they are not.

So we have reached a new stage in this journey and I believe that those firms of accountants that get on board now as far as new technology is concerned will still be able to seize the high ground – but not for long.

And another point – I am writing this blog literally in the clouds as I am on a flight to Copenhagen for one of my regular meetings with the E-conomic guys. I am writing this on my IPad ( I so nearly bought the Ipad2 at the airport!) and I know that once I land this will sync through the cloud with my website.

As with finance, Cloud technology is truly global.